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Au pair Karen in Philippines
Dear Family,
I am Karen Joy 22 years old from Philippines. I studied Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (undergraduate).My friends and co workers recognized me as a jolly person. I love to enlighten someone's mood. Music gave me motivation, I always listen to it if I am bored l and lonely. What is very interesting for me is, when I have free time I try and learn different cultures and also different languages. I love kids, I proudly say that I can easily attached to them. We have a big family, 10 members including me. Actually I only have 1 sibling and the rest is my cousins. We live together. I proudly say that I am the oldest. When I was younger, (10 years old) I am the one who take care of my younger cousins, doing our household chores, tidy up, wake them up early in the morning. Send them to school. Prepares food for them. When I turned 18 years old, I worked to city as a waitress, drive thru person, and a Jollibee kids party assistant to the one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the Philippines which is Jollibee. As a crew I learned more. I meet different kind of people with different kind of personalities. I learn how to handle, and calm them in a different situation. And as a drive thru assembler/person taught me how to move fast to serve customers specially cars when in a hurry. And make sure with a smile on their face when leaving the driveway, make them a satisfied customer. A kids party assistant, if there's a kids party, I am also the one who prepares food for the kids, it is composed of 50-100 kids per party. Give them food. Sing and dance, entertain, packing foods for them. I love to do it, such a pleasure to make fun with kids and make them smile. I also worked as a office staff/encoder. I assist every players and encoder some and download some. Hope to be with you my dear family. Expect that I apply and help with you with my knowledge and experience. Thank you so much.

Karen Joy