The right au pair for the right Family

Embassy/police fee

Au pairs are responsible for covering the expenses for the Embassy/ police fee themselves.

When applying for visa the Au pair has to pay Embassy/police fee for visa application:

Country First-time application Family-change
au pair to Norway  8.400 NOK, but we ask au pairs and families to share this fee. Au pair shall pay 3.500 NOK  8.400 NOK, but we ask the host families to pay the biggest part of the fee. Some families choose to pay the whole amount.
au pair to Denmark

1.830 DKK 

(The host family pays 4.040 DKK for case-id, au pair has to pay the Embassy/ Visa senter fee)

Free for au pair if you change host family
au pair to Sweden 1.500 SEK No fee for changing of host family

Notification obligation

When you agree with a host family to become their Au pair, you will have to immediately notify Energy Au Pair about this. Any delay of more than 7 days will be seen as breach of the agreement. When you have notified us, we will start processing the necessary documents and the process with the authorities.

Strictly prohibited

Recommendation of other candidates to host family or potential host family is prohibited.
You will in the process of becoming an Au pair be contacted by potential host families, or given contact information of potential host families. You are strictly prohibited to communicate any information or contact details of other possible au pair candidates - like family or friends (but not limited to this). If you want to help family or friends to become au pairs, you are welcome to help them registering at Energy Au Pair.

Our service

Our service is free of charge for au pairs as long as this agreement is kept.

Contract violation

  • If you violate the notification obligation, we will charge you the fee for host families.
  • If you recommend other possible candidates to a potential host family, this is seen as a contract with you, and we will charge you the fee for host families.

 By violation of the agreement Energy Au Pair will delist you as a candidate.