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Dear Host Family,

Good day!

First of all, I would like to say, Thank you for giving your time, reading my letter. May you be blessed as you read. I would like to introduce myself first. My real name is Gay , but if you are not comfortable with my name, you can call me "TATA". This is what my friends called me. I am the middle child of the family. I grew up being a mediator of my siblings when they fought. My parents trusted me even until now. I don't like bragging about my character here but I usually heard from my friends or my family that I am overly protective and thoughtful. Family first or sibling first is always what they thought of me. I chose teaching as my career to be close with the children yet I was overwhelmed with paperwork and not having time with the kids. So, I stopped teaching public school and grabbed this opportunity to volunteer for children. Sometimes if I have free time I usually visit my friends to take care of their babies. Another thing, I love to travel, to explore, food, culture, and languages. Recently, I passed the Korean test just studying for 1 year. If it happens, I would like to study your language as well. Moreover, I like food but with an exception. I'm not picky but I am very particular about my health. I am a vegetarian and don't worry I can live eating simple foods alone. I am also flexible on the other hand. I don't want to be your burden but I want to be your blessings in your family. I am excited to work with you soon. If you are interested to know more about me. Please contact me anytime. Thank you so much. Have a nice day!

Yours truly,