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Dearest Host Family,

My name is Michelle, Single. I do not have any children. I was born September 23, 1994. I am a High School graduate.

Currently, I worked as Factory worker in Taiwan. In my free days, I worked for a Family with small children, I do the typical household chores. I do take care of children, play with them, teaching them in their English subject, assisting them in their school homework, ironing clothes, preparing breakfast, cooking dinner. Washing clothes/hanging and fold them and put them at the right places. Dusting the furniture, changing curtains, bath towels /hand towels/bed sheets. Cleaning the house, vacuuming, mopping, washing floors, taking out the trash. Cleaning bathrooms. Clean refrigerator. I am working here in Taiwan since September 2015 until now.

I am self-motivated with strong work ethics. I can enjoy my work. I am positive minded and believe in continuous learning and improvement. I can see things myself. I have the feeling of keeping a house tidy. I have the feeling of how and when I can help. I am responsible in all matters. I like being with the kids, doing activities with them- indoor and outdoor, I treat them like a big sister, and I am always nice to them.

I would love to take this good opportunity to be part of your wonderful family and share some good moments with you for span of time, and I would like to know about the European culture and getting new experience in lifestyle, traditions and customs.

I can offer you an extensive experience in all kinds of childcare and housekeeping duties. I am able to work independently effectively and take actions where appropriate. Please give me chance to prove myself.

I’d like to communicate with you to discuss this position further and provide you further details regarding my experience, knowledge, and expertise.

I hope we can talk soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards,