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Hi Sir and Ma’am,

I will describe myself, I can say that I am responsible, hardworking, reliable, flexible and friendly. My past times are cleaning my room, playing with kids, playing sport like softball and badminton and going to church. I know how to perform basic first aid and do cpr because I am trained to do that. I have initiative in doing housework and I love kids. I can speak English fairly. I am healthy and fit to work.

I am presently employed as a house servant of a family of five since June 1, 2014 until today and nanny of their three kids named Preziela-6 years old, Zian-5 years old and Kael-4 years old. My monthly salary is P8,500. My working days are from Monday to Saturday. Every Sunday is my day-off. My working hours are from 6am to 6pm.

My roles and responsibilities are:

Cleaning the bedroom, living room, comfort room and kitchen.

Sweeping in front of the house and in the backyard.

Cook rice and meal for the whole day.


Do the beddings.

Doing the laundry and ironing of clothes.

Throwing the garbage.

Assist the kids in eating and taking a shower.

Let the kids wear new clothes and brush their hairs and pony the hair of the girl.

Prepare lunch boxes, school uniform and school bag.

Bring the kids to the daycare center in the morning and fetch them in the afternoon.

Let them sleep in the afternoon and have snacks.

Help them in answering their assignments, making projects and accompany them when they have school activities.

Teach them on how to write their names, read letters, count numbers and draw animals and shapes.

Play games like hide and seek with them and play with their toys like robot and barbie.

Care of their pet dog-Snow.

I want to become an aupair because I want to experience to work in a different country with people with different nationality, I want them to experience the excellent service of a Filipina in keeping their house tidy and giving safe care and tender love to their children.

Respectfully Yours,

Eleonor A.