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Dear host family,

My name is Kewalee . You can call me Kelly. I am 26 years old from Thailand. Now I work as a Guest Service Agent at Boulevard hotel Bangkok.

I'm easy going, caring, fast learner, good at solving problem and adaptive. My job helped me understand and become open-minded to different culture. It taught me to become more patient, independent and braver. I got to work in international environment and learned how to cope with problems and critical situations I encountered at the workplace.

There are some hobbies I enjoy, like photography, arts, cooking, traveling. I have been solo traveling to countries like Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Hungary and Czech Republic that boosted my confidence in my own ability to tackle problems and obstacles.

Concerning childcare experience; In 2017, I gained 400 hours of childcare experience from work at Childcare Center at Banyan Tree Hotel also I worked part time as a Kid club attendant at the same hotel. In 2018, I worked as an aupair for Swedish family in Sweden. I took care of 3 years old boy and 1 year old girl. There apart from taking care of their wellbeing, I also usually arranged creative activities for children to develop their learning skills for example; music, dancing, arts, game, go out and about. I love to stimulate them to think, to observe, to consider and to decide by themselves.

I want to become an aupair because this cultural exchange program gives an opportunity to expand cultural horizon and perspective towards the world. It provides the best way to learn new culture by living with a local family, the way to understand and improve myself as well as pave the better future for me after the program.

I hope what I wrote would catch your interest. looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,