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Ruby May
Dear host family,

Hi! My name is Ruby from the Philippines. I am the eldest of three siblings and my mom taught me how to be independent, do household chores, cook our dishes and take care of my siblings. I am in-charge of our house when mom is working. Growing up here in my country molded me to be respectful, responsible, honest and loving person.

I can honestly say that I love kids. I love playing with them, reading books, playing colors and many more. Seeing kid's smile genuinely are so heartfelt. This is also the very reason why I joined a community where we helped kids by giving them school supplies, foods, clothes and what they are excited and loved are playing and reading time. I believe that by nurturing kids by joy and love, they will grow as loving and caring individuals.

Being part of your family I will:

+ Bring all the love and respect to your family and I will impart good wisdom and character to your kids which they will bring when they grow up.

+ Read your kids lovely books and help them with their assignments as I have an experience tutoring kids.

+ Do household chores like washing dishes, cleaning tables, ironing, I can also cook. I can assure you that I am hardworking and won't neglect my duties and responsibilities.

+ Respect your house rules.

+ Love your whole family especially your kids

+ Be a role model to the kids by showing them the importance of respect, love and gratefulness.

Also, staying with your family will give me a great opportunity to widen my knowledge about different culture and will help me grow as an individual so I can be a better version of myself. This is also an opportunity for me to see new country, interesting places, learn new culture and traditions and meet new friends.

I will love your family with all my heart.

Looking forward to meet you :) Have a very nice day!

Med all kjærlighet,