Princess Christian

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English - Proficient
Tagalog - Advanced
Cebuano - Upper Intermediate
Spanish - Beginner
Japanese - Beginner
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Dear Host Family,

Greetings of good!

I am a Nurse hailing from an archipelago in the tropics. I enjoy being out in nature and swim, hike, bike or take fishing trips around my home island. In less extreme days, I'd stroll in the local park and play softball or tag with the neighboring children. Indoors, I use the time to indulge in my imaginative and creative side. I read, and write short comics which I upload online. I love to teach drawing, especially to little kids.

Currently, I live with one of my younger siblings and grandparent, and in this small household, I am the designated cook and cleaner. I never sat in a cooking class, but I learned to make palatable dishes by combining tips from the internet and grandmother's kitchen wisdom.

My fondness for reading was influenced by my grandmother. She used to take me with her to the local library when I was just a toddler. Back then, despite not being able to read, yet, I would flip through volumes of National Geographic magazines and stare at the photographs of people coming from different ethnic backgrounds. From that point onwards, I've wanted to know more about foreign customs and linguistics. So, during college, I took elective courses in Spanish then Nihongo classes after graduating from nursing school. Although I was never able to master the languages aforementioned, I continuously practice via Duolingo.

As a Nurse, I have experience in managing children (and adults) with communicable and medical-surgical related diseases and I take initiatives in enhancing my skills via programs and seminars about current health trends. In 2 or 3 years time, I plan to pursue further studies. I came across this cultural exchange program while searching for prospective universities. Armed with the courage, and the formal & informal skills that a Host Family might be looking for, I then applied as a prospective Au Pair.

P.S. I love moomins.

With all that is good,

Your Au Pair nicknamed: Rince