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Dear family host,

First of all I will give my family background for deeply know on my culture I had in Philippines. I'm Larissa Villarina 22 years old (turning 23 this September). I am 2nd in 4 siblings in the family. My father works as Electrician and my mother is a housewife. First child is 24 yrs old who graduated as License Criminologist, today he continue his study taking up Law Career in Philippine College of Law. He is a working student who support his own. I'm second who able helps my parents financially. Third child is 20 yrs old, she’s currently employed at private company in Philippines.

And the youngest is 12 yrs old who is grade 7 student.

I'm a bachelor graduate last April 20, 2016 taken up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management at University of Rizal System. During my high school and college days I have my scholarship from government so less expense from my tuition fee. I started to work on my first job March 2016. My first salary was used for celebration of my graduation day and that was memorable because I study hard for my family and the time I got my diploma in my own pocket I treated them.

My parents are proud because my career is continuous and I was able to help and support them financially.

I had work experience in insurance industry at BDO Life Insurance Company for 2 years and 6 months, my duties are offering investment and life insurance to bank clients.

I educate them the value and importance of having a insurance protection because everyday is a risk that no one can predict our life. It is better to be ready and to have something to leave behind their family when life has gone.

I apply the background of being family-oriented in this career.