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Hello Parents and little ones! My Name is Hazel Ann. I'm a 22 year old Filipino. I'm currently looking for a lovely family to Au pair for. I am a hardworking, mature, responsible and a cheerful person who aims to have an opportunity to work with children and have a hand in their upbringing and watch them grow. I used to work in a hotel in the city and my experience in the hotel has allowed me to build a confidence with being around different kinds of people and also helped me achieve skills in organizing and planning whilst remaining adaptable and flexible.

I like to always keep myself busy and capable of doing average to heavy housework. I am able to work any kind of hours that may be required for your family. I also have a knowledge in cooking and I used to cook for my family. I'm also willing to learn any other meals the family would like me to make. I have always been a very tidy person and will always follow and respect all the family house rules. I will always clean up after myself and thus will encourage the children to pick up after themselves as well. I am really easy to work with and I'm not very picky. I am a very social, outgoing person who is easy to get along with and I love meeting new people.

I enjoy being fit and healthy, so it would mean a lot of activities for the children and that includes activities outside in nature. I think kids should spend their time playing outside rather than stay at home all day with their gadgets. Learning will also be a part of the activities since kids also needs to learn. It will be learning while having fun. I am reliable and trustworthy. I will follow the parents' instructions in taking care of their child and ensuring their safety.

I have great compassion when it comes to children. I would certainly do all of my best if given the opportunity to be a part of their upbringing and guide them through their everyday life experiences.I hope I fit the type of Au Pair you are looking for and I am looking forward to dis