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October 2019

To my Dearest Future Host Family,

Hope you will give a little time to get to know me more.

I am Jereca Pearl from the Philippines, I am 27years old and I am really interested to be your next au pair.

I love kids so much and I know that being an au pair has a great responsibilities on children. I am well prepared for the task that you will give to me. I am well aware that being an au pair is not always playing and having fun, but also being a big sister comes with great responsibilities to them not only by taking good care of them but also help them learn new things and provide or support them in all their needs.

I am very flexible and I can multitask, I am a trustworthy person specially when it comes to kids. My heart for the kids is so big. I know I am not perfect but I will try harder to help you to have a balance life and lessen some of your work load by doing some household chores and run errands.

This will be my 1st experience to be an au pair if you will give me a chance and hire me for the job.This will be an extra special and will be more memorable thing to me.I believe that I will be a big help to the family.

I am really hoping that you will like me and find me interesting. Hoping and Praying for a positive response from you. I have plenty of things that I want to talk and share with you. I also eager to meet the kids and to play with them soon.

Please do contact me. Hoping we can make things work between us.


Jereca Pearl