Ritchelle Mae

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Dear Family,

God dag!

I am Ritchelle Mae , 28 years old. I love discovering new things and going out on adventures.

I come from a conservative family. My father Eddie is a retired policeman who loves cooking and tending to our farm. My mother, Sally works as government employee. She is planning to retire in two years’ time. I have two brothers. Edward is 34 while Simon is18. Edward is a policeman and Simon is on his second year in college taking up Bachelor in Marine Engineering.

I spent my elementary years at Canlaon City Central School. I was very shy back then but when high school came, I started to bloom like a flower. I went to Jose B. Cardenas Memorial High School. Gradually, I started to make friends and joined clubs. That gave me a confidence boost and for that, I am grateful. In college, I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English. I took the licensure exam after graduation and passed it with a rating of 80.40%.

My hobbies include writing Haikus, playing the guitar, walking my dogs and reading books. I love reading classic and dystopian literature.

After my Au Pair stay, I am planning to go to Australia to be with my boyfriend who is currently filing for permanent residency there. The reasons why I want to become an Au Pair stems from my hunger for adventures. I would like to grab the opportunity to study a different language and learn the culture and traditions. Also, I want to earn money to support myself with my future plans. Lastly, I want to boost my resume to help me in landing a good job in Australia.

I chose Denmark as my future host country because I want to experience firsthand why it was dubbed as the Happiest Country in the World.

My future family will be very pleased if they host me as their Au Pair because I can help them with house chores, take and fetch their children to school and help them learn English, too.

I am hoping for a positive response from you soon. Mange Tak!

Med venlig hilsen,