Shara Mae

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Tagalog - Proficient
English - Advanced
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Dear Host Family,

I am Shara , 23 y.o Filipina. You can call me Sha. I am a friendly person, matured, passionate, energetic, responsible, and very much interested to be your next family’s Au pair.

I am good with kids 0-teenager. I love to spend quality time with them or play with them. I grew up taking care of my cousins ages 2 to 7 years old. Babysitting is not a problem to me. You can trust me with your children I assure you that their safety and security is my top priority when you are not at home. I can play with them, sing with them, cook delicious meals and most importantly is to help them with their studies. I will be the BIG SISTER to them I will cherish and love them like a real sibling.

I love and very interested to do household chores and be your extra hand at home. I can do the laundry, wash dishes, iron clothes, tidying, run some errands for you like grocery shopping, etc. I also love to cook I can introduce you to some of filipino dishes but I’m very interested to learn your dishes as well. Having me will give you a stress free and a balanced life. More time to spend with your kids, hang out with your friends or colleagues, do the things you love or even have a lovely couple date.

I would love to stay and live with you and become part of your lovely family. I am a very happy person and living with me is easy. I will follow and respect your house rules. I am flexible and energetic young woman so I can help you anytime if you need my assistance.

Praying that you will like me. I am always available for interview. I had plenty of things to say to you and I know you have lots of questions for me as well. We can set some video call interviews so that we can get to know each other very well.

I would love to talk to you more about the task that you will be assigning to me and your expectations to me as your next Au pair. I can’t wait to have conversations with you. Praying that you will notice me. Hope to see you guys soon.