Mary Catherine Joy

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Greetings !

Hello, Dear Host Family, I am Mary Catherine Joy . Im 24 years old. Single and no kids. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science In Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at University of San Carlos in Cebu City Philippines. I am fond of kids. I can send you some pictures to. I am fluent in speaking english and can help children with their homeworks. I am a hardworking person. I became independent since I was 18 years old. I live on my own starting 18 years old up to present. I started to work full time while I was also a full time student when I was 3rd year college. I still was working the day before my graduation. So I have been working In a (Business Process Outsourcing) BPO Industry (U.S.A.Based companies) for 6 years now. I work in Qualfon Phils. Inc for 2 years as customer service representative for Tracfone, Safelink and Net10 users. After qualfon I got better opportunity to be part of United Health Group (Fortune 6) and have been with them for 4 years. I work as Associate Clinical Intake coordinator. I process insurance for both inpatient and outpatient services. I have been looking for jobs abroad (U.S.A. & Europe) I felt the need for me to venture on new chapter of my life and I would like to start my 2019 right. I wanted to make a big change in my life. I am very interested in this position. I can start to work with you on June 2019 or earlier. However I am still in Philippines. If you will hire me I am hoping that I will be part of your wonderful family soon. Rest assured that I will be excellent in my job. You can reach me by reply email and my

whatsapp +63 . Looking forward to meet and be part of your wonderful family. Thank you and God bless.