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Dear Family,

First of all I want to thank you for taking a look on my profile. In this letter I want to introduce myself and tell you something about my family. I am very easy to go type of person, energetic and always think positively. When I finished my secondary education my parents told me that they can't afford to let me go to college wayback year 2015, but I didn't give up and told them that I will make a way to go to college. I patiently waited and prayed and sent resumes to online job sites available in my home town before. It was hard because I'm too young and no job experience, but I will always believe nothing is impossible with God. And so, woke up one day a friend introduced me to a family and I am the happiest because they hired me as their Nanny. As a result, I have been working as a Nanny to a lovable family for four years already, they helped me with my school tuition fees and all other expenses. I am taking care of their pretty little girl since she was born, and now she's four years old. My duties includes household chores, cooking, changing diapers, feeding the baby, dress her up, play, teach how to read and write, paint, listening to nursery rhymes, singing, dancing and a whole lot more! If I have class, the grandmother look after her for few hours until I get back, and during the night when she fell asleep that's the time for me to review all my lessons. And part of my on the job training I am also a volunteer part time teacher in nursery, my duties are to assist them from reading to writing and educational activities. I enjoyed so much being with children, I always will and I always do.I couldn't say much for now, but I hope you will open the door for me and let me be a part of your family, I will not promise anything, but for sure I will do the best that I can so we can have a strong relationship.