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My name is “Piyada ” and you can call me “Eve”. I am 26 years old from Thailand. I was born in Bangkok, which is a capital of Thailand. When I have a free time, I enjoy biking, exercising, listening to music, watching movies and news, taking photo, reading healthcare article and child psychology article. Also, I’ve been practicing cartoon drawing.

About my childcare experience, I helped my mother taking care of my youngest sister and my cousin for many years. My responsibilities were preparing milk, changing diapers, playing with them, washing baby clothes, dropping them off and picking them up from school, teaching them homework, putting them to sleep. Also, I volunteered to take care of 15 children at Suksawat childcare center on September 2018. I screened up their health in the morning, taught them exercise, played with them, created appropriate activity for them and prepared bed for them in the afternoon. In addition, I have some experience to train a special child. When I was a physical therapy student, I had a chance to plan and train individual treatment program for cerebral palsy children. Now, I am full-time physical therapist. I still get a chance to train a cerebral palsy patient once a week, she has difficult controlling her trunk and limbs. I train her to improve her muscle strength, limbs and trunk controlling and her balance. Moreover, I help my neighbor to take care of her son on weekend. His name is Allnew. He is 6 months old, who is very cute and easy to take care of. I feed him a milk, change his diapers, put him on clothes, assist him to learn, play with him, put him to bed. From all of this, I am confident that I can be a good au pair.