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Dear Family,

My name is Kate. I'm a kind, punctual of times, friendly, easy going, flexible, optimistic and reliable person. I love cats so much. I like to go to the beach and sea, also love to trekking and hiking. I'd d love to learn new languages and cultures, It would be great!

My family and I are very close together. I'm m a first born of my family, I have 3 siblings which is one brother and twins sisters. I have a several experience and I'm really like working with kids environment. First of all, As an older sister, I helped my mom and granny took care for my siblings and that make we are very close like a friends. Second, I was a nanny for my twins nephew. I took care since they were 3 years old until 5 years old. My duties was wake them up, prepare them to ready for school, drop off and pick up from school, help with theirs homework, play with them (swimming, running, biking and so on) or sometimes we watch a movies instead, afterwards prepare them to go to sleep and tell a story tales. And the Third, I was an assistant teacher at tutoring school, I helped an English native speaker took care 4-5 children per class. Theirs ages around 3-7 years old. My duties was prepared the craft materials for activities in class, play with the children before start a class, sing a song and dance with them, helping them with their sheet work, be an interpreter between teacher and kids.

On my free times, I like to read a book, watch a movies, go for trekking, and listen to the music.

After finish aupair program, I'll apply for a personal assistant for executive position. I assure that I'll gain a lot of experience and it will fulfill my qualifications qualifications to be better as well.