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Dear Future Host Family,

My name is Nawika. My nickname is Kaew, this is my Thai nickname and I would love for you to call me this. I was born on Friday, Friday 16th, 1994 in Bangkok Province, Thailand. I have just graduated from Rangsit University, My major was Aviation Business Management.

During my university years I was able to participate in many activities. I was a president of the dormitory committee for the Student Union of Rangsit University, where I led and organised many activities. For example, I was on the staff which organised new student orientations for the Dormitory at Rangsit University. This was a great chance for me to lean about leadership, and an opportunity to grow and learn new skills. I learned to do things I never could before as the deputy minister in charge of creating events for students. I learned about teamwork and leadership, and had a chance to meet new friends and grow as an individual. I have also worked as a waitress, and met many customers; I learned how to deal with all kinds of customers. I enjoyed my responsibilities, especially in helping my customers or my team in achieving their goals.

I had a chance to take care of children between 8 months and 7 years old while working at the daycare center. I took care of 10 children at a time. I helped prepare bottles, got them ready for naps, fed them, bathed then, read stories, changed diapers, and played with them. I enjoyed doing indoor activities with them such as drawing, dancing, doing crafts, painting, playing with playdough, playing Lego. I also enjoyed doing outdoor activities with them for example, swimming, playing ball, hula hoop racing, playing tag, biking and walking with them. I learned a lot of how to deal with children when they cried and when they did not listen to you.

Thank you so much for your patient attention and time.

Best regards,