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September 2019

Dear Future Host Family,

I am Mica ,a 19 year old College Tourism Student from the Philippines, I am aiming to become an aupair for the experience, to try to cope with different people and traditions, blend in with different cultures and become able to see more places. I would also like to take a gap year from school as a break too.

I am not an experienced aupair and this would be my first time if ever, however I am very pleased to tell you thag I have a lot of experience in childcare, I have 2 younger brothers and whenever my mom is at work, I am tasked to pick them up at school and prepare meals for them. I have also been living alone since I was 15, so I am experienced in preparing meals aswell, recently, I have been to Denmark to visit my half-elder brother, since he and his wife is both very busy at work, I mostly prepare food for both of their children, tidy up the house and pick/send the children to school. I also love doing arts and crafts, painting and stuff.

I'm also a pet lover, if you have any pets around, that would be pretty nice. I've got 3 dogs, 2 cats and a few fishes in a tank at out home.

In terms of language, I am fluent in English(without accent) since this is my mother tongue language, I was raised in a home of a foreign(Danish) father whom has passed 2 years ago and a Filipino mother. I have learned to speak the Philippine Native language over my child years.

I am adventurous person, since the Philippines is a tropical country, I travel a lot to beaches, go hiking, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

If ever household chores are tasked on me, laundry, dishes, vacuuming the house and tidying is no problem. I could handle that.

I am a responsible person, I have been parts of fund raisings and charities and became volunteers for a lot of programs for children and elderly people.

If you are interested in me, please do let me know!! I would be more than thankful to be part of your family.