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Dear future host family,

I believe that life is all about choices, finding love, happiness and success. Having a nice family is a priceless and precious gift that must be treasured.

I am Justine , 24 years old a Filipino citizen currently in Philippines. I am responsible, trustworthy, friendly, and a family oriented person who knows how to respect and value a family. I like being engage into sports like volleyball, badminton and bowling. I love travelling, exploring new places, learn new things, interact with other people and make new friends. I graduated my college degree last March 2014 taking up Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. I've been working for almost 3 years now and this made me an independent and matured person. I experienced to live away from home and support my needs on my own. I am the eldest in the family and I have a younger brother who is 21 years old. My mother is a housewife and my father is a seaman. At home my little cousins used to stay there playing, watching movies together, help me do some craft, scrapbooks and usually simply having conversation. Recently, I finished my aupair contract with a Chinese family in China. My aupair experience is so great that i wanted to experience and learn more of different culture.

Since au pair is about cultural exchange for young single person, I am very interested to join the program for me to experience life abroad with different culture and language. It will give me the opportunity to broaden my horizon, gain more knowledge, be independent, experience new things and help me improve myself. As an exchange to this opportunity I am willing to do my best to help the family in some light household chores and mainly in taking good care of my future host kids. I can be their older sister and best friend too. I will treat them like my own sibling, give them support, teach and guide them like an older sister does.