Joanne Blanche

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Chinese (Simplified) - Beginner
Tagalog - Advanced
English - Upper Intermediate
Cebuano - Advanced
French - Beginner
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Hello future host family! I am Joanne Blanche, 20 years old, youngest child of the family. I was born and raised in the Philippines with my sweet and loving parents. I studied in one of the top school universities in our city and I took up Bachelor of Science in Tourism because one of my passion is traveling. I’m a patient and understanding person that likes children.I am experienced taking care with children. I have a 4 years old nephew and 2 years old niece. I took care of them since they were born while my sister is working. Once I become a member of your family, I am willing to assist with everything. I have always enjoyed helping my younger cousins with their homework and spending time with them doing activities like going to the movies and traveling with them (I’m like their mother) and I would love to do the same things with your family! I value family, learning, responsibility. I enjoy watching movies. I am happy, friendly, and helpful person. I love running marathons and training to become a triathlete soon. But my hobbies are also doing outdoor adventures, and hanging out with friends. I can cook a little and I have no problem doing some housework for you and tidying for the children's toys and their room. I don’t have a driving license but I know how to bike because it is also one of my hobbies. I want to become an au-pair because I love children and working with families. I would like to learn a new language and enhance it. This will be a great opportunity for myself to become a better person and experience my first au pair journey. Choose me as your Au Pair then I am sure we will have a great time! See you soon :)

Best Regards, Joanne