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Dear future host family,

I am Queenie , 24, single, from Cebu City, Philippines, a young nurse

yet a traveler by heart. I am adventurous in many ways, happy, flexible, and easygoing.

I love cooking, kids and dogs are my best friends. I’m a licensed nurse. I

graduated last March 2016 and passed the Nursing Licensure Exam on date:

November 2016. I am currently working as nurse in the Philippines. We’re five in

the family and I’m the eldest daughter. I have two siblings. We are truly a wonderful

and happy family. I do really like taking care of people especially the children and it

interest me so much because kids want to have fun as always. My hobbies are

cooking, reading, listening music, and bicycling. My favorite cooking is because I

can express what I feel through cooking. I am passionate about arts and crafts

because my mom is an art teacher and she taught me to love arts. I wish to attend

a language school. I hope to learn the language and culture of Netherlands and to

appreciate the beauty of the country. I am a person who prefers to be at people so

that I can learn more from them. I am trained by my mother and grandmother to do

household chores. I realized I have to step up in life because I want to be the best

person I can be and to give my parents a better life I could give. So when I heard

about U-auPair, I really would like to become an au pair because of the program

between host families and the au pairs in the culture exchange system. I know in

myself that I’m capable of being a good au pair for your family because I am

enthusiastic, reliable and hard-working. I enjoy working with people and work well

within a team. I also feel confident to work independently. I am passionate about

working with animals, and children, and can adapt to any work situation. I feel I

could contribute positively to your family.

This is all I can tell for now, I hope to hear from you and see you very soon. Thank

you so much! I am looking forward to meeting you and your