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Dear Host Family,

Good day!! !

I'm Joanna , 26 years old from Philippines. were four children in the family and I'm the second child, I have experience as an aupair last 2008 here in the Philippines i provide childcare to them, and help them mold their children to the most possible way they could be, And help them to make their life easier. I'm hardworking girl, simple and kind. I grow in a Simple type of Family, My parent molding me to be a good person. And my both parents told me always " Be contented what you have'' they told me also put god in everyday life. I finish my study in college with my own hard work without the assistance of my parents. My Experience in life taught me how to be independent.

My parents taught me a lot of household chores Since I'm six years old, My mother train me in a house work. They taught me also laundry my clothes, all around cleaning, Specially Comfort room and even babysitting.and now I have experience caring a child. My cousin has 4 year old kids, they left their Kids to me, when they go to their work, the time when I had no job, I also Experience Taking care of my mother when she was sick.

I know how to stay calm in difficult situation, I want all the best for my family and for my future, Unfortunately my dream is to Experience working abroad, and to learn possible things on your culture. That is some reason why I applied here in energy au pair.

I am knocking on your heart to please give me a chance to prove my loyalty to work in your country. My experience in your place, if I’m giving me a chance to work, gives me another knowledge and experience in life. I will promise you, and assure to you that I will render the goodness you showed me the time you choose me as your au pair. I hope through this I will be able to reach my dream to give a better life my parents and my younger brothers and sister to continue their study in the Philippines.

Thank you and regards.

Sincerely your’s,