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Dear family,

Good day!!!

I want to start my letter by introducing myself. I am Analyn I. , 27yrs old, . I studied  Bachelor of Science in Public Administration major in Local Governance (Undergrad) at Bukidnon State University. I have 5 siblings way back in the Philippines.

I am a homebody person, singing and reading books are my stress reliever. Baby sitting makes me feel young at heart. I know how to cook simple dishes and willing to learn new recipes that your family love to eat. I am very organized person. I want everything even an single details must be in proper places. Doing household chores is very challenging for me but i am pretty much sure that i will enjoy every single minutes of doing it. I am a responsible person, whatever responsibilities or duties that you will give me i will do my best for you to satisfied. I may not be perfect but i am well experienced and willing to undergo training under your supervision. I can defenitely adopt your culture just give me little time to do so. I know how to value people who treat me good especially to those people who give me chance to prove myself and grow. Being honest is one of the best qualities that i have. Earning trust to the family i am working with is one of my goal that i need to strive harder for me to gain it. And i can guarantee you that i will love and respect your family the way i value my parents.

I am praying so hard for you to give me a chance to be a part and serve your family. I really need this job for me to help my parents and other siblings financially. I want to give them a good future and comfortable life to the best that i can.

Thank you for giving time to read my letter and be one of your choices.