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Dear Host family,

My name is Hannah and i am 23 years old.

I am a 2013 BS Information Technology graduate. While studying, i had a short term travel to Thailand to reach out to one of their tribes called, Karen. We thought English language to the Karen kids and young adults with some story telling, took care of them and played games with them. It is very fulfilling to be able to touch someone's heart for a short time that will leave a mark in them forever. I have a great passion for kids, knowing that they need affection as they grow up and that is where my heart belongs to. I have also done several outreaches in some of the depressed areas in our country.

I also thought English language to Korean kids. I also involved myself in theater arts by joining workshops in music and acting.

Recently, i have joined Ablaze conference. It touched our hearts in the most beautiful way it could. It consists of hundreds of Young adults coming from the countries Thailand, Vietnam, India, United States of America, Laos, Myanmar, Brazil and Philippines. During the conference, we learned the process crossing and staying in different country to reach out to people. I was able to interact and make friends with people with different nationalities and i feel blessed because it helped me learn about different cultures which is what i love doing.

After graduation, I worked in Accenture as a Senior Consultant to clients from Great Britain. After that, i worked as a Project Manager for TPG Inc. where in we managed projects of different companies in Australia.

Now, i am currently an Advanced system Administrator for salesforce.com under Cognizant for companies in America.

All these experiences improved my confidence, thus made it easier for me to interact and deal with other people with different cultures.

To be an au pair, I’ll be grateful, having within me a teachable mind and heart. In the same way I’ll work with great passion and give which I could impart.

Thank you,