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Au pair Jennifer in Namibia
Dear Host Family
My introduction video link lSq4TxGw
My name is Jennifer. My middle name is Ndapandula and is derived from my dialect, Oshiwambo and it means Grateful as I am for meeting ad matching with you. I am 28 years old. I am of average height, just ringing in 160 m. I was born in the town where the desert meets the ocean, and although born there I grew up in the northern part of Namibia. I work at a child-friendly deli/restaurant in Windhoek and have been working there for the last three years, prior to that I worked in other restaurants that were just as child friendly so mixed with babysitting for most of my life family and non-family childcare has taught me a lot of patience in the face of chaos. The first family whose kids I took care of was a family of 7 and I babysat for their three kids. Damien who is nine years old is quiet and introverted, but once you get to know him he is the most talkative child ever. We dance and play with the dog together and feed the dog treats. Joshua (J.J) is my little helper he is the most extroverted child and he is such a big help, he always offers a helping hand, he is such an open child and babysitting him is such a treat. I help them with their homework, dance and play soccer together JJ is such a people person and always has a smile on his face, he is very kind and not shy and such a silly little baby, I am always laughing around him. Noah is the baby of the family and is 3 years old and is a sensitive baby, he loves soccer and the first thing he puts on the TV is a soccer match, he loves playing with the ball and dancing to music. The second family whose kids I took care of is a family of 4 and if I had to describe them, I would say they felt like family and remain to be family until now. Haadiyah the eldest is such a people person and so extroverted. Aqeelah (the baby) is the opposite of her big sister, she is very reserved whereas her sister is outgoing, and introverted whereas her sister is extroverted. I love watching series in different languages to experience the culture and learn different accents, I think that is such a good conversation starter, I love cooking, and dancing although I have no rhythm whatsoever. I love going to jazz spots, open nights or poetry readings. I love going to galleries and museums, I think art and history are so important to have so you can understand people and cultures better as I feel it comes off raw and unapologetic and that’s how I think you get to know people, at their most raw and unapologetic. I love watching videos on opera music and watching ballet recitals. It soothes my soul. I love classical music, from Debussy to Rachmaninoff. I love Jazz music, from Otis Redding to Sam Cooke. I love Hip Hop and folk music. I have too many favourite books, but I will mention a few that have stayed with me. Sally Rooney – Normal people, anything by Haruki Murakami, it ends with us – Colleen Hoover, Daisy Jones and the Six – Taylor Jenkins Reid, and lastly anything by Chimamanda Ngozi Adechi. I would love to be an Au pair because firstly I love children, absolutely adore them and I love experiencing the world through their eyes, I think that they show you all the wonders of the world without bias and it is so refreshing. I would love to experience as much culture as I can possibly experience, learn a new language, and eat different food. I would love to travel the world and see just what is out there for me that my small countries do not have.