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Au pair Gracious in Philippines
Dear Host Family,
Hallo! I am a Filipina in search for my first match. I’ve been longing to be an Au Pair and I’m ready to be one soon.
I’m Gracious Rachel , 28 years old. I am single with no child. Graduated as from the Accreditation Equivalency test during my high school. I’m passionate about working with kids and I started my experience when I was 16 years old. I love working with children and I wanted to pursue a career involving childcare. I have gained my first childcare experience through my cousins kids. I volunteered everyday to get my two nephews and my niece and I took care of them in our house for over a year. Most of the time I play with the kids and read to them stories. Every night I see to it clean and wash up before I send them back to their home.

My present childcare experience is the son of my eldest brother whom we adopted. I started nourishing the child when he was six months old and he is now seven years old. The child grow up with much love and it feels rewarding to me. I feel satisfied to carry out the role of being a guardian. I think the child that I care for most enjoy my loving nature and my ability to be child-like during play time. While still being there for them as a mentor to guide them in a right direction as needed. I walk him to his school and I follow up his lessons for mastery. I’ve been with him in every stage of his childhood, nurturing and training him all the best thing that I know.
Besides of childcare experience I also have an experience of taking care an elderly which is my grandma for many years. I am preparing my grandma’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I assist her when she eat. I also clean her nails, massage her feet when it’s needed, I also assist her when she goes to toilet and I help her when she’s taking a bath.

I am blessed to have a loving and hardworking parents together with my six siblings. Before my father went to abroad for a job currently he’s with my mother helping our small eatery. While both of them working we were taught to be responsible and trained to help our small business. With this I am trained to be independent in cleaning the house and all other household chores. I have been raised to be respectful, honest and disciplined with God’s word.

With all the love and the comfort that my family is giving to me, I realized that I have other passions in life. I want to discover what’s more in life by exploring other opportunities. Coming across with au pair, I was greatly interested with the program. Coming to my host family as an au pair in the cultural exchange system would make me realize my dreams.

Being a family oriented daughter I think I’m capable becoming a good au pair for your family because I have been responsible and trustworthy of the task that might be given to me. I am loving, nice, God-fearing, hardworking, flexible, trustworthy and respectful. Not only that I am also creative in baking and organized in house arrangement. I am also flexible in any task that be given to me.

Looking forward to be regarded as your au pair. Hoping that I have gain your favor and patiently waiting to be with your family.
Best regards from the Philippines,
Gracious Rachel

P.S Thank you for taking time to read my letter. If you are interested and want to know more about me, you can can check my fb profile Gracious Rachel .