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Au pair Jeerapath in Thailand
Dear Host Family,

Hello all future host families! If you’re looking for a nice and friendly Aupair. I’m the one! First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Beam. I’m 25 years old Thai girl from the northern part of Thailand. Who clam, generous, warmth, friendly, reasonable, polite and honest. My family has 5 members. There are dad, mom, older sister, younger sister and I. Our family is affectionate, when we gather together. When we have dinner we always share our own experiences for whole day. And we always share the good things. So, I was being raised in Thai culture which gives me many attractive personal qualities such as; politeness, humility, gratefulness and restraint of negative emotions are highly values in Thai society. As you know it, Thais are well-known for their friendliness and great hospitality. Furthermore, we have 2 cats and they are Scottish Fold. All of them are very adorable. I think pets are good for everyone, especially for children as they can play and learn natural world from pets. Since our family is small, everybody share a responsibility in the house. I am responsible for cleaning the house, doing dishes, and taking care of the cats. Concerning my academic background, I’ve got a Bachelor Degree of Education. My length of course is 5 years. So several of my courses directly prepared me for the role of a teacher. I had participated in many university activities while studying in university. I had trained to be a teacher 4 times in school. And I had assigned to take care and teach the children from the age of 6-15 years old in each of my training session. Moreover, I had a great time, and I found a lot of techniques of teaching the children e.g. games, learning with songs, brain gym and activities. I had took special tutoring for kids in their house and at English language institute. I usually had many activities; for example, teaching them alphabets, numbers, phonic sound, learning different things from pictures, and etc. In addition, I also enjoy many activities with kids such as painting, crafting, coloring, playing games, singing and keeping eyes on their safety during at their house. I had took care of a lovely boy. He is 3 years old for now and also my relative. I had took care of him all day and prepared lunch food for him. I can play badminton, volleyball, basketball and want to try some sports like ice skating and baseball that I never try before, and I think it will be fun. I am interested in cover dance, shuffle dance and ballet. When I have free time, I like watching movies and American series, listening English song, reading some novels, crafting, painting and drawing. I love learning the new things. And the reason why I love watching movies because I want to improve my English listening skill. Sometimes, I play badminton, volleyball, basketball and bike, and take my cats walk around the village. When I finished this au pair program, I will definitely return back to Thailand to apply for a teacher position in an international school in Thailand and I’ll apply for a Master's degree in Psychology university. I’d like to learn more about psychology in school and develop myself to the next level for my career advancement. This au pair program will improve my potential to be a more professional English speaker to upgrade myself and help me to gain more experience in communicating with the children in English with my future host kids. Finally, I hopefully that my personal information and my qualification would fulfill to your requirements of Au pair. I am looking forward to getting a good opportunity of being a part of your family. Please kindly consider me as your Au pair. Thank you very much for your attending my profile.

Sincerely yours,