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Au pair Jinyan in China
Dear host family

I’m from China 26 years old. I was born in a beautiful city called Changzhou on the east of China. I live with my parents and my grandparents now. I have a sister nine years older than me.She’s married and has two daughters. I love children, so I have been always taking care of my nieces when I was 13.
I have a really good atmosphere in my family, we are a good team. In my future host family I would like to become a good “team member” too. I’m found in housework such as do the laundry and sweep the floor. I had an experience with children of different ages and I know how to behave with them, how to spend time in an interesting and educational way.During my summer vacation in college,I always take care of my niece and their classmates,preparing their food, helping them with their homework,playing and doing exercise together or going to the park. I have been always surrounded by children.
I am a positive, outgoing, independent, honest person. I try to always be calm and patience though all parts of life. I like taking photos, reading books, watching movies, doing outdoor activities and travelling. I love cooking in free my time, so I think I do it good. I like walking with my dog and take care of it.

I am currently living in China as a teacher, I have 2years experience of being an Au pair in the US. I understood and accepted their local culture and traditions, begin developed friendships with locals, and increased my language ability.
I am open to exploring new cultures and traditions of other countries, especially in Norway. I wanted to experience your culture and learn your language. I also wanted to try and taste your cuisines and share what my country can offer. I am very much excited to create meaningful memories and experiences by meeting other people and with your families.

I hope this letter will help you to take the decision to pick me as a new member of your family, I am really excited to star this experience with you, and your family. I know I can do this! I really like children and I know that it will be the best time in my life.

I am looking forward to talking to you and getting to know each other soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.