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Au pair Kathleen in -
Dear host family,
name is Kathleen, I am twenty four year old, and I live in Cebu City, Philippines. I first will tell you something about myself. I finished my degree as a teacher year 2018 and previously working as call center agent and I had an experience in teaching online and offline English classes. I am now driven to explore and experience in this exciting new journey. Where I can broaden my mind about life and about myself. It was always a great dream of mine to live and be part of an amazing culture in a foreign country it's because I am very fascinated by way of life in different places. I am very interested to become an au pair because I love to engage myself in a different family life style, cultures and language. I am aware and prepared to all the responsibilities of an au pair especially in childcare. I am passionate in taking good care and help nurture the children because it is very rewarding seeing them smile and develop as they grow up. In fact I joined a community service for children. Wherein we offer a free service like taking care and educate children for awareness. I am also an English teacher before for nursery and kids. For me it is best for children to make them feel love, cared for and developed to who they become. I believe that I can be a good au pair to take care of the children because I am friendly and open-minded and I will be able to easily adopt and apply a good attitude just like, sense of humor, a level of comfort and my calm and patient personality will help me to handle difficult situation. I would love to have an opportunity to be part of your family and take care of your children and I love to share my creative self and passion for child development. If you have any questions, feel free to message me through my email or skype account.

Sincerely, o