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Au pair Jerose in Philippines
Dear Future Host Family,

Good day!

I am Jerose, 28 years old and from Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Office Administration last 2018. I consider myself as a kind, organized, has initiative to take action and hardworking person with a positive attitude towards my career and life. I love reading English stories, cooking, organizing stuffs, watching news/educational movies, going out for walks, cycling, gardening, camping and etc. A happy person who loves being with children.

I don't have an experience yet being an Aupair in EU countries but I have an experience here in my country being a live-in help and I'm a reliable and willing to be trained person because I believe that skills can be taught and develop if the person is motivated and committed enough and loves what he/she is doing, it'll all goes well.

With regards to childcare, housekeeping and cooking experience, I experienced all of these and I get used to it. When I was in high school, I experienced living with other people's house and help them in the household chores just to have a free accommodation during my studies. And also in the Philippines, we're very family oriented because we help in taking care of our nephews, neices and siblings and this is one of the reasons why I am living with my eldest sister together with her husband and their 5 year old son for 6 years, it was the time when I was in college until I graduated and got a job. My sister is a Primary school teacher and because they're busy with her husband, I'm the one who help in the daily household chores and taking care of my nephew since he was born until 5 years old. I'm always his companion, playing with him, feeding him, sometimes bring him to kindergarten and etc.. Taking care of kids entails patience and you should be a responsible one to give them the proper care and love they deserve. I would love to engage myself with children because it gives me genuine happiness and makes me realize to be more contented and happy with theb things what we have. In terms of cooking, I'm good at cooking Filipino foods and would love to learn other dishes as well. When I worked as a HR Training Assistant in a big supermarket here in my country, I am teaching newly hired employees and one of those is to teach them on how to cook and follow those recipes that we used to sell in the store.

I really want to be an Aupair to learn something new, do things on my own and out of my comfort zone because I really want to grow as a person. I want to see the other side of the world, engage myself with new people, know their lifestyle and perspective in life, learn different cultures, explore the beautiful countries of Europe, enhance my language skills, boost my knowledge and confidence. Being an Aupair should have the awareness, sense of responsibility and concern for the whole family. I hope there is a family out there who will give me a chance to prove my dedication on this program. If given a chance, I won't waste this opportunity. I assure you that I will be a good role model and will do my very best to do my duties and responsibilities to become one of the excellent Aupairs from the Philippines.

Thank you for the opportunity to be considered.