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Au pair Maria in Philippines
Dear Host family,
Good day !
I am maria jenny , 26 yrs of age and a college graduate from Philippines. I love caring kids since when I was in high school I used to be a working student as a nanny of my 3yr old, 6yr old and 8yr old cousins. As a Teacher, I enjoy being around with kids, nurturing their abilities and skills and as well as discover what they enjoy to do.
I would rather choose to be around kids, make them feel that they are loved and cared because they would also learn to share that love. When kids enjoys learning while having fun, this would foster a healthy attitude that they would also bring as they grow up.
I would rather choose to be around kids and would make them feel that they are loved and cared, with these they would also learn to share that love.
When i was in college i am also a working student to my other aunt and took care with my 10yr old cousin and the households. I love to teach them like handcrafting, spellings and love playing with them. It is very important to make them feel loved by the people around them because it would help them to become the best person they will when they grow up, its like my passion to take care kids and love them. I am very patient and i have perseverance in reaching my goals. Also versatile, determined and focused towards given tasks.

I have fond in taking care of kids because its my comfort zone and the best feeling in the world is when a kid make you as part of their memories and lives, it became my forte since I am longing to have a siblings so I treated all the kids I took care as my own siblings. I take this as a passion and not as a job.
I am also uneasily to get homesick since I started being independent at my young age when my parents died and I didn't have a siblings to leave.

I love to do biking, reading, singing, cooking and travelling and discover wonderful things around us. I also love to have converse with different people on their own views.

Looking forward of hearing from you and I am always available to contact for any information you want to know, some files are too large to attach so I just uploaded it as a picture.
Thank you and God bless.

Maria Jenny Rose