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Au pair Alyssa in Philippines
Dear Future Host Family,

Good Day! I am Alyssa, 24 years old. Single, no child. I'm from Philippines, and I am looking for a loving host family. We're only 4 in the Family (Mama, Papa, Brother and Me.) I'm the youngest and I'm still living with my parents since it was our tradition to live with our parents if we're still singles, but I run my own little business which is Cake shop, customizing cakes. I'm a home baker and registered to the government. I Graduated vocational course and my subject are Housekeeping, Cooking, Pastry and more. We lived in a compound were my Mothers family lived. I grow up sorrounded with my cousins and some nephews. Normally I have to watch my little cousins and sent and pick them to school sometimes (school are walking distance.) I babysit my cousin before too, from 2months old to 8months. watched my brothers only daugther ( change diaper and taking a bath ). I also have experience taking care of an elderly at home and hospital. Household chores are basic for me since we do it normally everyday, and laundry once a week. I can cook too. I work as a cleaner before too at my auntie's house for half year in my highschool year.

My hobbies are, singing and read some books. Since I love art, I do paintings and drawings (please see my attach photo in my profile for some samples) I love old music, historical places. I love Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn because I love classics in old times. I'm always curious about world thats why I love Europe because I belive it has it all from love passion to old historical places. I do biking at my spare time or after baking. I have 2 dogs and a lot of goldfish, I joined a competition for grooming a goldfish too. I keep my mind safe and busy to not stress about the pandemic the world having now.

I have read a book called "1,000 places to see before you die" and I want to do those things while I'm young and while I can. that is my future plans.

Thank you for the time, I hope you and your family are safe and healthy! I hope we can talk soon and if you have more questions or clarifications, I am very much willing to answer them. looking forward to be a part of your lovely family and help you in any way I can.

Sincerely yours,