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Au pair Jenny in -
Some of my latest experiences with kids: Last May 2018, I have been taking care of my little cousin he was 2yrs old that time. His name is Edrian I took care of him for almost 6 months. His mother(my father youngest sister) had to work all day long and basically Im the one Incharge of his food and milk, changing his nappy, giving him bath and also putting him to bed for nap. Edrian is a very active boy he loves playing with me specially “hide and seek”, puzzles and coloring. This year 2019, my eldest sister Agnes asked me to help her with her daughter Chelsea(4yrs old) on her summer class. Every morning I am helping Chelsea to get ready for school. Getting dress, breakfast and also preparing her snacks before we go. Usually I will wait for her until she finished her school by 11AM. Chelsea loves to play with me after school. She loves dressing up and playing with her kitchen toys. Sometimes she will act as a customer to her mother's restaurant and I will act as a chef to cook her favorite order, fries and orange juice. She also loves playing & football with me in their backyard garden. I love to spoil my nieces, my nephew and my little cousins without feeling guilty. I love family gatherings and parties since kids are around. They are funny, full of energy and noisy but I love the atmosphere when they are around. My relationship to them is mix of friendship and protection.

Why I want to be an aupair?. First of all, it is my biggest dream to spend a year in a European country, knowing a new culture, meeting new people and its a great privileged living in a family as a new member. I love to experience personally what i have seen from the YouTube or TV about the beauty of western country. Secondly I love kids, I would love to continuously learn from them and vice versa. Since I also have experienced and background with Children, I think its not hard for me to deal with them. :)

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Many thanks.

Kind regards,