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Au pair Maria Concepcion
Dear Host Family,

Good day! Hi, how are you and your family? Let me introduce myself, Maria Concepcion, 23 years old from Philippines. I'm single and don't have any children so I will definitely have my full attention to your kids.

I have several experiences in taking care and babysitting children since I was young, I used to look after my nieces and nephews, since then I love kids and looking after them. Recently, I had taken care of my 6 years old niece for several months and now I am helping my other older sister to look after her kids at night while she is still at work. I could help you to take care of your kids while you are working, and assist them to take a bath, dress and prepare their foods feed them. I can walk and pick them up from school if needed. If the kids are at home I will be glad to spend time and play with them. At night I could help in preparing dinner. I am very much interested to become an Au Pair and take care of your adorable and cute children, I'll look after your kids with love, care and kindness just like how I treat my nieces and nephews. If you've pets I can take care of it too.

Aside from caring and being responsible for children and pets, I also know how to do household chores: cooking, washing dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the house, and organizing the stuff. I can also do laundry, if needed. You won't have any problem with me around the house. I don't smoke and drink as well.

Thank you for spending some time to read and get to know me a bit. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day ahead!

Best regards,
Maria Concepcion