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Dear Family,

I am Nika. I am happy, healthy, loving and genuine 27 years old looking for a great host family. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I am a flexible, responsible, initiative, hardworking and have a soft heart for children. I take child care and household help a serious commitment.

I have an excellent house work skills. I do cleaning, cooking, laundry, household dishes, organizing stuff and helping in any way I can to help maintain the house cleanliness.

As a childcare provider, I would always prioritize his/her health, safety and happiness. Im very patient and easy going person. I have a jolly personality so the kids will easily feel comfortable with me. I am also creative, I would make sure that we have an activity to do to enhance his creativeness and learnings.

I was an Au Pair in the US for 2 years. And it was a great experience for both of us, me and my previous host family. I took care of a 3 months old baby up until he turned into a smart, cheerful and bright 2 years old boy. There were also times that my host mom's nephew and niece (age 8 and 11) and her Dad would always take summer vacation in our house for 2 months so I have experience taking care of 3 kids and 1 senior in total.

In my free time, I can be found reading, shopping, working out, going out for coffee, walking in the parks and exploring the city. I love meeting new people and seeing new places. I play guitar and I love music so you will always hear me singing in my bathroom or while Im cooking.

I want to become an Au Pair in Norway because their culture and gorgeous scenery always amazes me and at the same time to provide care for a child/children. As well as to offer how rich Filipino culture is. After my au pair experience, Id love to share the culture and knowledge Ive learn in the country with my family and friends. And to use everything I have learned abroad for my future challenges to become successful.